Adding A Prospect

For those who don't know, a "prospect" is simply someone who is not a customer yet. So a prospect has expressed an interest in your service and maybe they want an estimate but they haven't agreed to an actual job yet. 

Adding a prospect can be done by hovering over the "Prospects" tab and clicking the "Add" dropdown. Select "Residential" or "Commercial". Residential is the default choice (although this can be changed).

Then fill in the information as you scroll down the screen. It's self-explanatory where you put in info like name, address, phones, notes, etc. When you get to the bottom of the screen you can create an estimate or just click the "Save" button to save.

A quick note to remember is that you can also add a prospect in the "Quick Add" window located at the upper right of the page as shown: 

With the "Quick Add" window open, make sure to select the "Estimate" choice at the top. Enter the information for the prospect at the bottom of the window is an estimate area where you can create an estimate. If you're just wanting to add a prospect quickly w/o any estimate information then just click "Save and Finish".

And that's all there is to adding a prospect!


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