How to Print & Email Customer Statements

You have the ability for you to print or email statements to customers. You've always had the ability to print statements for individual customers, but it just got a whole lot better!

For starters, you can now search for a specific period and send a statement that has invoices on it for only that period.

Next, you can now  email the statement vs just being able to print it which is all you could do up to this point.

And to cap it all off, you can now print or email statements in bulk instead of just being able to do it individually from within a customer profile screen. So, for example, you can email 40 statements to 40 customers in mere seconds.

Let's take a closer look at this new statement feature...

We'll first look at what you can do within a customer profile screen. So here we are in a customer profile screen. Go down to the bottom and you can find the link to Print/Email Statements.

Click on the Print/Email Statements, and the Customer Statement Search screen will open up where you can search for the Statement you want to print or email. We'll go with "This Month" since that's the most common and click "Search".

And there you go! You can now click "email" or "print" to send the customer their statement.

Printing is self-explanatory. When you click print, the statement prints. But let's look at what happens when we click the "email" button.

It's set up very similar to the estimate email feature and invoice email feature. The one key difference is you may notice that personalization tokens appear above. In the email and invoice emailing features, these tokens are replaced with the actual customer or prospect info. That isn't the case here since we allow for emailing "multiple" statements (estimates and invoices are mailed individually). The bottom line though is that when this customer receives the email, it will be personalized with their information in it.


You can preview a statement prior to sending if you want to. But when you're emailing a statement to multiple customers, the first customer listed in the email statement window is who the preview statement will apply to. So in the above example, customer Tommy Jones' statement will be the one you'll actually preview. The preview button is just there to provide you an overall "look" of the statement. The actual invoice details on the statement will be inserted properly into each customer's statement when you click the "send email" button.

If you used personalization tokens when creating a global template, you will see them displaying. The email that the customer actually receives though will have their emails personalized with their own information inserted. So for example. when Tommy Jones receives his email, it'll be like this:

Statement for: Tommy Jones

Dear Tommy:

Thank you for the opportunity to provide our service(s) to you. As shown in the attached statement, here's a summary of the work performed:

etc. etc.

To change the settings such as the email address you're sending from, the cc email address info, and the template, click the "email settings" link in the email statement window.

And there you go! A very simple process. It took way longer to explain than to actually do it. From start to finish you could literally have dozens of statements emailed to your customers in a few seconds.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Take care and have a nice day.

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