Back Up Your Account

Question: How can I back up my account?

Answer: To back up your account, please visit and scroll to the bottom of the screen. If you click the "create data backup" button your account will get backed up and stored on our servers. You can then click the link that appears to save the backup to your desktop, cd, flash drive, etc.

Please note that the file is in an SQL format, so you can only open it in a text editor like notepad. And the backups are primarily set up so that an account can easily be restored if need be. So you will see some code in the file that the software program needs in case a backup file has to be restored.

As a side note, we do back up the entire server every night online and we also back it up to an offsite location as an extra precaution. We just put this feature in place for a little extra peace of mind.

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