Adding And Managing Users

You can add sub-users to your account by hovering over "My Account" and clicking on the "Manage Users" dropdown:

On the manage users screen, you can, of course, edit your own information (green pencil on the right) but as mentioned earlier you can add additional users. These users can be administrators where they can see everything in the software and the app or they can be non-administrators where they are limited in what they can see in and do in both software and the app.

So let's take a look at this screenshot:

Insert the person's first and last name that you're adding, their email address, and then create a unique username for them along with a password. If you want to see what you're typing when typing in the password you can check that "Display" checkbox to the right of the password. 

And as a side note, if you don't know their email address you can insert your own email address. 

So if they are an administrator you can leave the "Yes" option selected and click "Create User" and that's all there is to it:

But let's talk about them being a non-administrator which means you would need to choose "No" next to the "Administrator" option. A whole page of user rights will open. What's checked is what the user will be able to see/do and what's unchecked is what the user can't see/do.

So let's discuss some of these rights. Most of them are self-explanatory but we'll talk about some of the more important ones. I'll assume we're creating a sub-user/non-admin that is more of a "technician".

"View all scheduled appts" - Most users select "no" and then choose the employee in the dropdown. This means that the sub-user will only see what's assigned to him or her.

Here you can actually limit the ability for sub-users to view jobs beyond x numbers of days in the past and/or x number of days in the future or even make it where they can only see jobs on the current date only like the screenshot below shows:

Do you want the sub-user you're creating to be able to reschedule/delete jobs? The default is "Yes", but if not, change it to "No".

Editing the appointment allows the user to make edits to the appt itself like changing the job type/item, adding some job details to the job type, etc. If the sub-user you're creating does upsell or just needs to make edits to job types then select "Yes". This will provide the sub-user an "Edit" button in the app so they can edit appointments.

There are many more user rights in this area but the above are the main ones that users should focus on. 

Please note that if the sub-user you're creating needs the ability to create and email invoices out in the field within the app then make sure to check the "Create Invoice", "View Invoice", and "Payment Window" rights as shown below.

For the other user rights, you can review the various question mark images we have next to most user rights which provide more details.

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