Importing from QuickBooks Desktop

If you have QuickBooks desktop and you would like to get your data into The Customer Factor, then this article is for you. We have a quick and easy way to do it that incorporates the use of QB Online. This process allows you to import all your data including invoices, payments, estimates, and job types so you'll start off with some great history in The Customer Factor. If you were to simply export your customers out of QB desktop as a customer list and we imported that list then only the basic customer info would be imported like names, addresses, etc.

So first, please visit . When you get there, you will be redirected to the login page. Click the "Sign up" link at bottom of page.

In the next page you will be given the option to create your account, make sure the "Free Trial" is selected by clicking the slider. After 30 days the account simply goes away, so there is no risk to signing up and QB won't harass you with multiple emails over the next 30 days. 

Then select the Essentials version and click "Try it free".

You need enter your email address, mobile number, and then create a password.

Once done entering the information, click "Continue with Trial".

You'll be asked to put in your business name. You can write in anything. It doesn't matter what you put here because you won't be using QB online long term. It's only going to be used to get your data from QB desktop into QB online so that we can import it to The Customer Factor.

On the last screen you simply check the boxes and click "All Set".

And that's it, now we go to Quickbooks Desktop. Click on the "Company" tab and then click the "Export Company File to QuickBooks Online" option.

The QuickBooks online login page will open up. Log in with the info you used to set up your QuickBooks online account.

Once logged in you'll be asked to export a copy of your data to QuickBooks online. Please note that you're not deleting anything from QuickBooks desktop. Everything in QB Desktop will remain as it is. You are just copying the data to QB online.

And that's it as far as getting your data from QB Desktop to QB Online. It may take a few minutes. You'll receive an email from QB letting you know it's done. When it's done then all you have to do is log into The Customer Factor. Here are the finishing steps for the import:

1) Visit

2) Check the "Enable the transfer of data" checkbox.

3) If you charge sales tax, select "Yes"

4) Insert an export "from" date. Our recommendation is to insert the current date. After the import, if you want to then export from CF to QBO, you want to prevent duplication and by having the proper export "from" date in place, it will prevent that. So we strongly recommend using the current date as your export "from" date. 

5) Confirm in QBO how the customer names display. Do they display "Last name, First name", "Last Name First Name" (no comma) etc. Check the proper transfer option on the quickbooks screen in CF so that it's the same format as how the names display in QB Online. 

6) Click "Save" and then click the "quickbooks connect" button that'll appear. A window will open where you can log into QBO and authorize the connection (if you're already logged into QBO then you can just click the "Connect" button).

7) Once you've authorized CF to communicate with QBO, the window will close and you'll be asked if you want to import your data. Select "yes" and then select how many years (1, 2, or 5) you want to import and click the "click the import" link.

And that's it! All data like customers, invoices, payments, and job types will transfer right into CF. It's recommended that you wait for it to finish before working in The Customer Factor. So it will continue to transfer until all data is imported. You'll know when it's done importing. Please don't do anything in CF while the data is importing. 

The above is not difficult but if you would prefer that we do it for you, please give us a call. We'll get on your computer and have it done in a few minutes. 


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