A Variety of Different Notes

There are many different kinds of notes that you can use in The Customer Factor.

General Notes: These notes can be seen by you and sub-users in the software (daily calendar) and in the App (you can prevent sub-users from seeing general notes if you want to).

general notes calendar

If you use Formats 2 and 3 for Invoices, you do have the option of displaying General Notes on these two invoice formats (printed and pdf invoices). All other invoice formats do not display general notes on printed/pdf estimates.

format 2 and 3

format 2 invoice notes

Specific notes: These notes display in customer/prospect profile and display on daily calendar although you can prevent them from displaying on daily calendar for sub-users. They do not appear in App and do not appear on any printed estimates and invoices. They're used mainly if you want to apply them just to the prospect or customer but keep them more private. So general notes and specific notes are pretty similar but general notes can be seen in more places and is not date stamped while specific notes are limited to the profile screens (although you can display them on daily calendar) and each specific note is date stamped: 

Job Details: These notes go hand in hand with the job type/item that you select when scheduling or whatever items are selected when creating an estimate. So they will always appear everywhere if an item has some job details. So they are visible in the App, in the software, on printed estimates/invoices, etc. Here is a screenshot of where the job details are when scheduling:

job details

Additional details: these are specific details to the job which is similar to job details but what makes "additional details" different is you can set it up where the prospect or customer doesn’t see the additional details. That’s handled on the Estimate format screen for estimates and the Invoice format screen for invoices. Here is the "additional details" option on the estimate format screen for example that can be unchecked:

Additional details.png2

Additional details are used mostly as a way to communicate with your technicians out in the field without the prospect or customer seeing these details on their invoice or estimate.

Regular Notes: These are just quick notes you can leave to yourself or to someone else in the account. They are not customer or prospect specific. It's just a note such as "don't forget to pay the insurance today" or "I need to get milk on the way home", etc. etc. Please look at these screenshots:

And that's it, please let us know if you have any questions.

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