Customize Your Invoices

Customizing your invoices isn't necessarily something that needs to be done now during the setup process but we do recommend it. 

Changing your customization options can always be done later as you start using The Customer Factor and have a better feel for what options you want to appear or not appear on printed and PDF invoices.

To customize your invoices, please hover over the "Invoices" tab and click "Format". Or you can click here to visit the invoices format screen:

Select the "Customize Invoice" option shown above which opens up the customization area. You can select from one of 5 formats, upload your logo, change your font style, choose to display/not display all kinds of different information on printed pdf estimates, add some personalized text, etc.

The first thing you can do is to upload your company logo which you want to display in your invoice. Make sure to follow the recommended size for the logo which is 200 x 400 wide and between 200 to 350 pixel high for it look good. If you're not able to resize your logo, you can send it as an attachment to and we'll be glad to do it for you. Make sure to include your username in the email.

If you want to include a charge as a late fee, you have the option to include it in your invoice as percentage or by dollar amount. Which ever you prefer, click on the box and enter the amount or the digit for the percentage and the number of days that you consider to be late and this late fee should be applied:

Credit Card Processing Fee: If you process credit cards through either of our integrated Payment Processors you can now automatically include a processing fee on any invoice you send to the customer or on any invoice that you process within CF when using the customer's credit card. Just click "yes" and under the percentage that you charge for using credit card as payment:

If however, you don't accept credit cards, and want to learn more, just click the "click here for more info" link as shown above.

Information To Appear -  This option allows you to select the company and customer information that you would like to appear on each printed or pdf invoice by clicking on each boxes. You may want to include company name, company address, email add, etc. for the company info and under customer, you can tick email add or however you want it to appear. It's just a matter of ticking the boxes on the left:

The general section is where you can customize the lay out of your invoice as to the heading color, font style, and if you want to include info like job date, invoice number, or add additional details and also choose the paid image that you want to appear on your invoice. In this part, you can be creative as you can be. Just tick the boxes of your choice: 

Text to Display: This option is how you want the categories for this section to appear on printed and PDF invoices. You can personalize the text that will printed like for example instead of "invoice" it will show on the heading as "thank you", so you can tick the radio button on the left of the space and enter the text on the box on the right. You can also set the notifications and email address of the recipient:

Message Text: This part is optional if you want to include additional message. This is a great way to inform your customers of the other services that you offer or maybe you want to give them discount coupon on their next service. We have created "thank you for your business" message that is ready to use but if you want to create your own you can simply tick the radio button for the "personalized text/token" and you can then edit or type in the boxes for each section:

That's it.

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