Set Starting Invoice Number

The starting invoice number by default in The Customer Factor is set to 450. However, you do have the option of starting at a different number. 

When users import from Quickbooks for example, they might want to start their invoice numbers for invoices created in The Customer Factor based on the last invoice # created in QB.  

Please note that in this invoice customization article, we discuss customizing invoices and the screen that you customize invoices is the same screen where you set your starting invoice number, so if you'll be doing other customizations (logo, options, adding text, etc.) then feel free to skip this article and go straight to the invoice customization article. continuing on, you set your starting invoice number on the invoice format screen, so please mouse over the "Invoices" navigation tab and click on the "Format" dropdown. 

Here's where the option is located on the invoice format screen:

invoice reset

And that's all there is to this article. Short and sweet. :)

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