Paying Invoice in App from Calendar

Paying an invoice in the App is done from the invoice screen which you get to by clicking on an appt from Calendar and then clicking the "Invoice" button at bottom right. 

Or, if you need to edit the appt first you can click "Edit" at bottom of appt screen, make your edits, and then click the "Invoice" button at bottom right of the date/time screen.

Once you're on the invoice click the "Pay" button at the bottom. The pay button only displays on unpaid invoices. 

The payment window then opens. You can see the date of payment (it defaults to the current date), pay partial or full payment, and select the form of payment, and also process credit cards assuming you are connected to one of the 3 credit card processors we have integrated such as Square, Stripe, and Worldpay

For our example, the client below he is paying by check, so I select that and insert the check number. 

Then click "Save" at the bottom of the payment window and the invoice will then be marked as paid and display a "Paid" stamp on the invoice showing as paid.

And that's it, If you have any questions, please let us know.

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