App: Creating and Emailing an Invoice

Creating and sending invoices through the app is easy peasy. First you need to log in to the app, go to calendar and  for this example we will have William Berry. Click on his name.

appointment screen for william berry

You will now get the appointment screen where you can see client's information and job details. At the bottom right of the screen is where you can see the "Invoice" button.

appointment screen with invoice at bottom

As soon as you click on that, your invoice is automatically generated. And from this screen you can email the invoice to the client by clicking the "Email" button at the bottom right of the screen.

invoice (1)

Next is to press "Send" button at the upper right of the screen.

email invoiceto client

And the invoice will go straight to your customer's inbox, easy right?


Prior to sending the invoice you will have the option to add a signature.

signature invoice

After clicking "Signature" button, you will get to this screen where you can enter your signature by writing it on your screen and clicking save. How cool is that.



Aside from adding your signature, you can also add a discount from the invoice screen, just click the "Discount" button.


You can then enter the percentage or dollar amount you want to include in this invoice.

discount how much


If you need to make changes and modification to your invoice, you can easily do that by clicking the "Edit" button from the appointment screen.

appointment screen with EDIT button

You can then add another job, price, or assign the job to another tech. Please see screenshot below.

add a job

add job , price and change tech name

You can then click "OK" after entering the details of the job.

click ok

You will now see both jobs in this screen. Click "Save".

job screen jus click save

In order to create the invoice for both jobs, click the "Invoice" button at the bottom right. And you can now send the invoice to your customer by clicking "Email" button.

2 jobs in one invoice

And the invoice will now go to your customer's inbox.

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