Scheduling a Job with Frequency Period

Scheduling a job with a "Frequency Period" means that the customer does want to get serviced again, so you can simply insert a frequency period and The Customer Factor will remind you when to contact the customer at the appropriate time. 

Jobs that are assigned a frequency period are NOT automatically scheduled on the calendar. For example, let's say you're scheduling a job for a customer and he said he wants to be serviced every 6 months, so you would set him up with a frequency period of "Semi-annually".

All you do is go through the process of scheduling a job and you select the customer's frequency period in the "How often" area and click the "Schedule" button at the bottom.


When you log into  The Customer Factor six months later this customer will be on the home screen in the "Due to be contacted (based on frequency period)" category.

home screen

Or when you do a search after 6 months for "customers tentatively scheduled now", he will display so that you can contact him.


Again, the main thing to note is that the job is NOT automatically scheduled 6 months later. What  The Customer Factor does is simply let you know that your customer is due to be contacted at that time so that you can schedule another appointment for them.

Important note: Don't forget to set up tentative appointment reminder emails which is the perfect way to reach out to customers when they're tentatively scheduled. You can read more about setting up tentative appt reminder emails here.

Lastly, what about the situation where customers really don't know when they want to be contacted again since it's before you've even done the first job for them? This is quite common obviously since you haven't performed the service for them yet. So let's assume you've done the service, you did a great job, and they then say they want to be serviced every 6 months. So you originally scheduled the job as "not assigned" since you didn't know what the frequency period was but now you need to change it to "Semi-annually". 

The best place to do this is on the daily calendar "list" view (hover over "Calendars" tab and click the "Daily" dropdown) by clicking the pencil image next to "Description" and changing the frequency period right in the Frequency Period dropdown:

The Customer Factor actually got its start as a way to automatically retrieve customers due for service again and again and again so we definitely recommend inserting a frequency period for each and every job scheduled (except for recurring jobs or jobs that are clearly just one time jobs).

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