Exporting Customers & Prospects

To export customers, you can click the "Import/Export" dropdown under the "Customers" tab.

On the Import/Export screen, you can then check "All Customers" option and click "Export". This is the easiest method to export out all customers.

The second way to do it which is what you were attempting to do is by first searching for the customers on the customer search screen or maybe you click the total number of customers link next to the "Customers" tab. 

The thing to note though is that when you do this, if you have more than 300 customers, they'll only display 300 per screen. So if you were to check the "check all" box, scroll to the bottom and click the "export selected" button and then select name/address and export, you'll only be exporting out 300 customers. 

So to avoid this, what you have to do is after you've clicked on the total number of customers, you'll need to click on the number at the top left of the search results screen. When you mouse over this link, a tooltip will display that says "View All". 

So if you click this, you'll end up with all customers on the screen. Then tick the "check all" box to mark all customers and click "Export" button at the top of the screen.

Select name/address and/or whatever else you need to export. Below I show a user just wanting to export out name/address info. Click the "Export" button at the bottom of the screen and you'll end up with all customers in a csv file.

If you're wanting to export prospects the exact same steps are followed up above except that you'll click the "Import/Export" dropdown under the "Prospects" tab:

And that's it for this article on exporting. Have a great day!

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