Scheduling A Job

It's easy to schedule a job in The Customer Factor.

If the job is for an existing customer, simply search for the customer at the top in the global search field. You can search by last name, first name, address, and even by phone numbers:

Scroll down to the scheduling area which says "Scheduling - Schedule & View Jobs. Create Invoices Too!" This is where you would schedule the job. We'll look at the specifics in a minute.

If it's a new customer then go to the add customer screen or you can hover over the "Customers" tab at the top and click "Add". Add whatever customer info you have and when you get to the bottom of the screen you'll be in the schedule jobs area:

So let's schedule...

In either of the scheduling areas above (in customer profile or add customer screen), click the "00" icon to open a mini calendar and select a date. Or you can click the "See Schedule" link to see your current calendar and pick a date:

Then fill in appt time (if any) and duration (if any) and then at left under date select a job from the dropdown list (or you can type it in but it's easier to select it):

If you don't have any jobs in the dropdown or if you need to add a job in the dropdown you can reference this article on how to add a job type.

Enter the price in the "each" field which will then populate in the price field. Then select an assignment in the "Assigned To" dropdown if there is an employee to assign to the job. 

Lastly, you can select a frequency period which indicates how often the customer would like to get serviced. The Customer Factor will then remind you to contact 'em when the customer is tentatively due for another service. 

Or you can turn what you just inserted into a recurring job (every week, every other week, etc.) by clicking "Schedule jobs as recurring". Click here for more information on scheduling a recurring job. 

Then click the "Schedule" button and your job is scheduled!


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