Scheduling A Recurring Job

Scheduling a recurring job is simple. Wherever you schedule a job is where you would also schedule a recurring job. To explain, pls go into any customer profile screen down to the "Scheduling - Schedule & View Jobs. Create Invoices too!" area. 

Insert your job information just like you would if you were scheduling an individual job (not recurring). So you insert the next date you're going to the job, the time (if any), duration (if any), job type/item, price, and assignment info (if any).

When this is done, then at the bottom of the scheduling area you'll see at far right a "Schedule Jobs as Recurring” option:

Make sure to tick the “Copy all of the above..” option to copy all the details that you just inserted. It'll all populate for you:

Then all you do is scroll down a bit more and select the recurring period. There are 5 choices to select from. The most common are the first two choices. The first choice deals with weeks (every week, every other week, etc.) and the second choice deals with months (first Monday of the month, second tuesday of the quarter, etc.). 

You can also exclude months (popular with landscapers who have down months or maybe you do recurring work for snowbirds who get serviced 7 months and get excluded for 5 months.)

Then you'll see an "Ends" option. Most of the time you'll leave that to set the default of "Never":

And that's it. Click the "Schedule" button and your recurring job has just been scheduled forever!

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