Merging Customers

This article explains how to merge customers together if you have duplicate customers in your account.

First, you should visit each customer's customer profile screen for whoever you want to merge. There is an ID number to the right of each customer name in their profile screen.

Since you'll be merging two customers into a single customer, make a note of each customer's ID number.

With the ID numbers in hand, then visit this merge URL:

We recommend bookmarking the above page. You'll end up on this screen:

If we look at an example merge, we'll say that you're merging customer ID 9 into customer ID 45. So "9" goes in the "From Customer ID" field and "45" goes in the "To Customer ID" field. Most of the time the "Create Location" and "Make Bill To" options will remain unchecked but let's say that customer ID 9 had an address of 123 Main St (customer ID 45 has a different address) and you wanted that 123 Main St address to be created automatically as an actual job location after the merge in customer ID 45, then you would check the "Create Location" checkbox.

Make sure the ID numbers are correct because there is no reversing a merge. In other words, once a merge is performed, it can't be undone. Then click "update" and the two customers will be merged together. All job info and estimate info (if any) will then display in that single customer profile (customer ID 45 in our example).

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