Creating an Estimate and Invoice Email Template

It's important to set up at least one estimate email template and one invoice email template. It'll help you when emailing estimates and invoices from the app and just make things easier for you so that you don't have to type in a subject and message for every invoice and estimate that you email. 

So for estimate emails, please visit our Estimate email screen.

Scroll or look down and you'll see a "Create new email template" link that you can click on and create a new template. Our suggestion is to simply use one of our samples. So you can first insert an email title which is for your eyes only (ie: customer/prospect doesn't see email titles). Type in something like "Estimate Template". 

Then scroll down and click on the sample "Email w/o pdf attachment (Recommended)" email title. That will populate a subject and message for you. 

Click "Save and Close" and that's it! You've just created an estimate email template! You can create an unlimited number of email templates for estimates so you can create different templates for different needs. But for this article we're just focused on creating one estimate email template so that you have one ready to go. switching focus to invoice emails, please visit the Invoice email screen. Exactly what was done above for estimate emails can be done for invoice emails also. So type in something like "Invoice Template" into the email title field. Then select a sample email. So for example, if you accept credit cards such as Square for example, then click on the "Include Credit Card button" sample title. The subject and message will populate and you're good to go.

As a side note, those words you see with "%" in front of the word and in back of the word are called "tokens". You'll see them used a lot in emails. It allows for emails to be personalized. So if you're emailing an invoice to "Bob Jones", then when the email is sent to Bob, it'll say "Hi Bob" in the email when you use "Hi %firstname%" within the email. 

Have a great day!

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