Adding job types/items

When you're just getting set up, one of the questions we get asked is, if it's possible to add items/descriptions that can be saved somewhere and then simply select it from a list when scheduling. Our answer to that is "Of Course!" :)  

1. Pls visit the add customer screen:

add customer screen

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen into the "Schedule Jobs" area. You will see a "Jobs" heading in bold underneath the date. To the right of this heading is a plus image.

quick add job

3. Click that and a window will open where you can create an individual job or create a package. Packages allow you to expand on the item where you can add more details. You can even add a price if you have a package deal you offer to customers (ie: Whole house special @ $99.00).

add item window

4. Once you've added items/job types to your jobs list, you can then select it from the dropdown during the scheduling of any estimate or job. 

Important: Please note that you can add jobs within any scheduling area. I just pointed you to the add customer screen above but if you're scheduling a job from the quick add window for example and you don't see a job in the dropdown list, then you can add it at that time right within that quick add window's scheduling area. If you're scheduling an estimate and you don't see the job type/item in the list, then you can add it at that time, etc. etc.

5. So assuming you've added some job types/packages here's a good look at the list of items we can select from:


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