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We want to first give you a big welcome for joining The Customer Factor. If you've been a member for a few years and you're just checking out this article, we sure do appreciate your patronage. :) 

There are many, many features in The Customer Factor with more features and modifications being introduced all the time. So if you just recently logged in for the first time try not to get too overwhelmed. I assure you that if you simply click around and get a feel for what's available you'll become familiar with CF very quickly. It's not a difficult program to use but as with anything new, there is going to be a small learning curve. 

As you go through The Customer Factor please pay attention to the green question marks that are next to any items that we feel need a bit of more of an explanation. If you hover over each question mark you can read more about the item. Here's a screenshot of what I'm referring to:

Typically we see users get really acclimated to The Customer Factor within 2 to 3 weeks. There are exceptions obviously but if you have a basic understanding of the internet and how to use a mouse then you'll be fine. 

Our apps are just as easy. If you have an iPhone or Android phone you can visit the apple store or the play store, search for "the customer factor" and install our app. Please note that for the best experience it's important to do the setup within the software itself prior to using the app. So setting up an estimate/invoice email template, customizing your estimates/invoices, creating a big proposal, creating your job types/packages, inserting your company info, etc. is important to do and it can only be done in the software. Once done then you can use the app to do all kinds of things like scheduling, editing jobs, editing customer/prospect profiles, creating and emailing/printing estimates, invoices, and big proposals, take photos, take videos, time tracking, clock in and out, process payments, etc.

Thanks for reading. Please take the time to review all the articles in this "Setup" category so that you can be up and running quickly. Then as you're doing things within the software and you need to find out a bit more about a topic, you can search through the knowledge base at the top and/or click on other categories to check out more info. Welcome aboard once again!


Steve Wright

The Customer Factor

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