Text Messaging: Twilio Error

If you get an error via email from Twilio as a result of a text message you sent to a prospect or customer, it's typically an error that is a result of the phone number in the cell phone field not actually being a cell phone number. Maybe it's a landline phone number. Twilio can't send text messages to landline phones: 

So the text message is not sent to the recipient. Instead Twilio sends an email that an error had occurred. Here is an example of the error email sent to you: 

You have full control over whether you receive these errors. To stop them just log into your Twilio account at twilio.com. You should be on this screen:

Then scroll down and you'll see a "View Debugger" link you can click on:

Then click on the "Alert Triggers" link on left:

At the bottom you will see this:

Then all you do is click on each one of these triggers, scroll down, and delete it:

And that's it!

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