Employee Email: Scheduling Confirmation

This automated email gets sent to any employee that is assigned to a job or estimate when the job/estimate is first scheduled. So as soon as the job/estimate is created anywhere in  The Customer Factor or in the app the employee(s) will receive this email.  

So to set this email up, please visit the email automation screen.

You can also visit the email automation screen by hovering your mouse over the "My Account" tab, scrolling down to "Email Options", and clicking "Email Automation". 

Scroll down to the bottom "Employees" section and you'll want to check the first rule which is the scheduling confirmation rule:

There are a couple of options that relate to when the confirmation email is sent. Most users leave it set to "immediately" which is the default choice but some users will schedule a bunch of appts and make assignments but those assignments may change after everything is scheduled, so they may want a couple of hours as a cushion before the confirmation email is sent so that they can reassign employees if needed.  

Then click the "sample employee schedule confirmation email" link:

A window will open that shows a sample email you can use "as is" or change if needed.

Below you'll see arrows pointing to the subject field, the email message area, and the "Personalize" dropdowns. When your cursor is in the editor field the "Personalize" dropdown above the editor will become active so you can personalize the email if you would like to and if you put your cursor into the subject field the "Personalize" dropdown to the right of the subject field becomes active where you will then be able to personalize the subject field. 

The tokens you see within the email above will populate with all the correct info that the employee receiving the email is being assigned to like name, address, job details, etc.

Then all you do is click the "Save & Activate" button at the bottom of the window to activate the email. Make sure to click the "Update" button at the bottom of the "Employees" section and you're all set!

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