Customer Email: Receipts

This email is all about receipts. Whenever a customer pays an invoice on the secure payment portal or you pay an invoice in the app or you pay the customer invoice directly in The Customer Factor a receipt can be triggered to be sent to the customer automatically. 

What we did basically is take an invoice and rename the title to "Receipt", changed the file name so that it has "receipt" in it, and put a big "Paid" stamp on the receipt. So when a customer sees the receipt pdf they will know it is an actual receipt.

So let's start on the email automation screen

Scroll down until you get to the "Receipts" section:

The first thing to do of course is to check the "Rule" so that the receipt emails are activated.

Next, you can select what type of customer to send the receipt to:

For example, maybe you only want to send receipts to residential customers. In our example, as you can see above we selected "All Customers".

So once we select the type of customer to email the receipt to, a row of text opens up below the dropdown where we can then click on the "Sample Receipt Email" link to open up a sample email:

You can edit this email to better fit your needs or use it "as is". In the screenshot below please note the arrows pointing to the email message, subject field and the two "Personalize" dropdowns. If you have your cursor in the editor the "Personalize" dropdown above the editor becomes active and if you have your cursor in the subject field then the "Personalize" dropdown to the right of the subject field becomes active. Within these dropdowns, you can select additional personalization options. 

So we then click the "Save & Activate" button at the bottom of the window and we're done. It's that easy. Our email is set up and there will be a receipt pdf attached to each receipt email that is sent. Click the "Update" button and that's it! 

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