Importing from QuickBooks Online

We have a quick and easy way to get your data into  The Customer Factor from QuickBooks Online. The data that will import is all customers, invoices, payments, estimates and job types. So you'll start off with some great history in The Customer Factor. 

Below are the steps in importing from QuickBooks online:

1) Visit the QuickBooks screen in The Customer Factor.  

2) Check the "Enable the transfer of data" checkbox.

3) If you charge sales tax, you can select "Yes".

4) Insert an export "from" date. Our recommendation is to insert the current date. After the import, if you want to then export from CF to QBO, you want to prevent duplication and by having the proper "export from" date in place, it will prevent that. So we strongly recommend using the current date as your "export from" date. 

5) Confirm in QBO how the customer names display currently. Do they display "Last name, First name", "Last Name First Name" (no comma), or "First Name Last name" (no comma)? Then check the proper transfer option as shown below so that the names are in the same format as to how the names display in QB Online.

 6) Click "Save" and then click the "QuickBooks connect" button that will appear: 

A window will open where you can then log into QBO and authorize the connection by clicking a blue "Connect" button. If you're already logged into QBO then you can just click the "Connect" button.

7) Once you've authorized CF to communicate with QBO, the window will close and you'll be asked if you want to import your data. Select "yes" and then select how many years (1, 2, or 5) you want to import and click the "click the import" link.

And that's it! All data like customers, invoices, payments, estimates and job types will transfer right into CF as mentioned above. It's recommended that you wait for it to finish before working in  The Customer Factor. So it will continue to transfer until all data is imported. You'll know when it's done importing. It'll say "All data is imported".


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