Customer and Prospect Alerts

We have an alert feature that allows you to insert some text into an alert area. So as soon as you land in a customer or prospect profile screen you can be alerted that there is some info to be reviewed prior to you doing anything for that customer or prospect.   

An example might be: "Don't schedule for this customer until she pays the Dec 6th bill". 

So you can make sure not to schedule a job for someone if the customer needs to pay first for a previous job. 

Another example: "Make sure to get new credit card from customer".

etc. etc.

There are multiple uses for this alert feature. 

To see the feature, please visit the profile screen of any prospect or customer and you'll see a gray bell at the top next to the name:

Click on the gray bell and it will open to a window where you can insert your alert text. As soon as you save it the bell will turn red:

The red bill lets you know that there is something important to review in regards to that customer or prospect. You can just hover over the red bell and read the alert. If the alert doesn't apply anymore then you can click on the red bell and click "delete" at the bottom:

And that's what the alert bell is all about. Have a great day!

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