What Determines the # of Unpaid Invoices that Display Next to "Invoices"

At the top of every screen is our navigation area and to the right of the "Invoices" navigation button are the # of unpaid invoices that you have. By default, we only show unpaid invoices next to the "Invoice" tab if the job dates are current or in the past since technically a job isn't "unpaid" yet if it's in the future. However, you can easily change this so that you can see all unpaid invoices (past and future). 

Visit the invoice search screen and choose the unpaid invoices option:

 You'll see a "Regardless of job date" option and "Past job dates only" option:

If you want the "Regardless of job date" option as the default then click the "Set default" link and in the window select "With any job date" and save:

From that point forward you'll see all unpaid invoices next to the "Invoices" tab regardless of the job date on the invoice. 


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