How to Set the Default for Displaying Estimates on the Calendar

You have full control over whether estimates display on the calendar or not so it depends on how you treat estimates. Some users want them on the calendar because they are considered appts where the user has to visit the home or business and provide the estimate in person. Other users do estimates on the phone and don't need any estimates on the calendar. Or it might be half and half. Regardless, it's easy to handle. 

So please visit any prospect profile screen or customer profile screen and go into the estimate area. Proceed to insert a date and job type:

When you do this you'll see some text open that says "Don't Display the Estimate on Calendar". To the right of that is a "Set Default" link. Click that and you can set your default preference:

If you want to remove any existing estimate from the calendar you can visit the daily calendar and click the "pencil" next to "Description" for that estimate:

Check "Don't display the Estimate on Calendar" and click "Update" at the bottom of the window and the estimate will be removed. 

As a closing note to make, most users do want the estimate removed from the calendar once it does get converted into a job. So assuming that the estimate is on the calendar initially and you want to make sure that all estimates which are converted to jobs are removed from the calendar, you can visit the Estimate Format screen to double check the default setting for "Remove Estimate from Calendar after converted to a job" to make sure it's set to "Yes". 

As mentioned, most users want this option set to "Yes" in order to remove estimates from calendars (They don't get removed anywhere else. They only get removed from calendars) once the estimate turns into a job but if you want to keep all estimates on the calendar even after they become jobs, then you can select "No". 

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