How to Create Customer Types

A Customer "type" is used in many different ways. Some users use them to specify a general location like Northeast, Southwest, etc. Other users use the "type" function to label prospects "Realtors", "Property Managers", etc. When you use this "type" feature you are then able to search by "customer type" on the customer search screen

This is really useful if you want to communicate with specific types at one time. For example, maybe you have a bunch of customers labeled with the type of "Realtor" and now you want to send a broadcast email out to all your realtor customers. No problem! Visit the customer search screen and select "Customer Type" in the left column and search. You'll then get all realtor customers on a single screen where you can then email them, send 'em a text message, print a letter for 'em, etc. 

So let's discuss how to actually create a "type". The feature is located under the name/id number in any customer profile:

To add a 'type" just click on the "+" image":

A window will open and you can simply enter the customer "type":

You can also edit and delete customer types from within the profile screen. So if you previously created at least one customer "type", then you will see a pencil and a trashcan to the right of the "Type" dropdown where you can make edits or deletions:

So if you want to edit, click the pencil, select the customer type from the dropdown as shown below, change the text, and update:

If you wish to delete a customer type or customer types, click on the trashcan image, select the customer type to be deleted, and click "Delete". Then repeat to delete another one, etc.:

And that's it. Take care and have a great day!

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