Appointment Change Email

Anytime you reschedule a job for a customer from the Calendar screen you may want to send the customer an email letting them know, so this article explains this option. 

So first, simply click on the appt time for any appt on the calendar.

The "edit job" window will open where you can change the existing date to a future date:

 An "appt change" option will then display where you can select "yes" to send the customer an email letting them know about the appt change or you can select "no". 

It will actually be defaulted to "yes" unless you previously changed it to "no". To change the defaults just click the "Set Default" link:

Here is the window that displays the default yes/no options. You can have it set to "no" if you don't want to send an email to customers once the date is changed or just leave it as "yes".

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