Customer Text Message: Appointment Reminder

This automated appt reminder email gets triggered as a result of a job displaying on the calendar.

So please visit the "Text and Email Automation" screen by hovering your mouse over the "  My Account" tab, scrolling down to "Text Messaging" and clicking on it.

The "appointment reminder (rule)"  is under "customers" and it is the first option. So go ahead and tick the checkbox to the left of "rule" under the "Appointment Reminders" heading. A text message will be sent out to customers immediately when an appointment or estimate has been scheduled.

The next thing that you need to do is select the time you want the email to be sent. 3pm is the default time. Most users leave it set to 3pm. If you want to set it to a different time, just click the dropdown arrow and select your desired time:

You can then select from the dropdown the type of customer you want to send the appointment reminder text to. :

The next thing to do is to click the "Sample Scheduling Confirmation Text Message" link that you see below to open up the sample email.

You can then use the sample appt reminder email "as is" or you can edit it to better fit your needs: 

If you wanted to make some changes on the sample text message, go ahead and point your mouse to the message area so you can type additional words or remove some according to your needs. The "personalize" button will become active and you can use the tokens:

Then all you do is click the "Save & Activate" button to activate text message. Make sure to click "Update" at bottom of the "Customers" area and you're all set. 

You now have automated appt reminders text messages to be sent x number of days prior to each and every customer job if the customer has phone numbers. Happy Trails! 


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