Customer Text : Thank you (After Job is Completed)

You can send an automated "thank you" message to your customers after the job is completed to show your appreciation. 

You can do this initially by going to the "My Account" tab and click "Text Messaging". :

 Click the "rule" checkbox under "Thank you ( after job is completed ) and select the time that you want the text to be sent out. It is set to 3pm by default but you can select a different time by ticking the dropdown arrow.:

You can send text messages to different types of customers and you can select if from the dropdown list. :

You can then select the preferred number of days that you want to send out the text after the job is completed by typing the number at the box. We already have a sample text message that can be used or edit accoding to your needs and you can check it by clicking the "sample thank you text message:

A new window will open up where you can make changes on the text by pointing your mouse inside the text box. This will activate the "personalize" dropdown which allows you to use the tokens:

There are several tokens that you can use so you don't need to manually type it.:

Once done, you can just click the " Save and Activate" button.


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