Tokens: When tokens Don't Retrieve Data

There will be times that a user will encounter an issue using the tokens in the email. One of them is if the tokens are not retrieving data.  In order to edit the tokens, you need to go editor and click "Design" and this will open up the editor.:

Let's take the appointment confirmation email as an example and one important token in the email is the date and when this token is not edited appropriately, it won't work.

In order to use it,  you need to hi-light all the texts including the percent and click bold in the editor. 

However, if this was not highlighted or bolded as a whole, it will not show the date in the email. For instance, the text "nextmonthjobs" is only highlighted and not the percent sign, so the date will not show in the email.

So if this happens, all you need to do is to click the "Source" on the top right of the editor in order manually edit the token. As you can see the "nextmonthjobs" is separated with the percent. :

This can be fixed by manually adding a question mark next to the "nextmonthjobs" text as shown:


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