Google Address Autopopulate

Here at The Customer Factor, we have an auto-populate feature to make it easy for you to type in address information. However, there will be times when the address will not pull up correctly. 

The main thing to note is that we get our address information directly from Google so if you see a problem with pulling an address in the app or software, then you’d have the same issue when doing it in Google directly. 

Let's try and use 449 Tall Oaks drive in Google maps. After I typed it in, it ended up displaying without the street number. It could be because google maps haven’t completely mapped the address yet or it’s a new address. 

If you see the issue going forward with numbers not ending up in the address field or some other strange result, please feel free to insert the same address in google maps directly and you’ll see that the same thing happens. So when this occurs, you can just manually type in the whole address for your customer or prospect.


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