Prospect to Customer Conversion

There are multiple ways of turning a prospect to a customer.

1. Jump to Window

You will find the "Make 'em a Customer" button on the "Jump To" box in the right as shown below:

Clicking on the "Make 'em a Customer" will take you to the scheduling area where you can easily convert a prospect to a customer by clicking the "Make 'em A Customer" button at the bottom.

2. Scheduling Area

Once you schedule a job to a prospect, it automatically turns into a customer! After inserting the date and job details, the "make 'em a customer" button converts into a "schedule job only" and "schedule & create invoice" button and after clicking on that, it now becomes a job to the customer.

3. Mobile App

After logging in to the App the very first thing to do is to a search. 

After locating the prospect profile you can then schedule a job.

After saving the job, it will return to the profile screen which now turns into a customer!

That's it.


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