Photo Token: Insert Photos into Estimates & Big Proposals

Photo tokens are helpful if you want to display a personalized photo to any prospect or customer who you present an estimate to. A great way to really make your estimate stand out. How many of your competitors are doing this? I would guess probably none. Unless they're using The Customer Factor and they've read this article. :) The photo doesn't need to be anything fancy. Normally users will take a photo of the home or business of the person wanting the estimate.

So you take the photo within the app at the bottom of the appointment screen as shown:

You'll end up with a photo created for the above customer John Smith:

You'll see by default that the title of the photo is "Photo 1". 

So what you should do is make sure prior to even doing the above that you have a Big Proposal set up where you have inserted the photo token into the introduction page at bottom of the page. The photo token is something like this %photophoto 1%. So if you make a habit of editing the title of the photo and make the title "Home" for example, then the token would be %photohome%. So assuming you keep the photo titles the same w/o editing then pls insert %photophoto 1% as shown:

When you send the big proposal and the prospect or customer opens it up, right there in the introduction page they can view the photo. The Customer Factor takes the photo that you shot earlier for our example John Smith prospect and automatically populates it where the photo token is when you send him the Big Proposal. All automatic. Like magic. After they review the photo they will most certainly be impressed. 

If we extend the benefits of using photo tokens and taking photos, what some users do is create a page within the Big Proposal just for photos of the home or business they're doing the estimate for. Typically it's a user who wants to include photos of any damage. Maybe a person who does pressure cleaning is giving someone an estimate and they see some damage spots they want to point out to the person just so they're aware of it. So you can name the photo page "An indepth look w/photos", add some text to the top of the page and all the photos you take will display below the opening wording. Simply add photo tokens. So maybe you feel you'lll take more than 10 photos. Then add 10 photo tokens like this:

%photophoto 2%

%photophoto 3%

%photophoto 4%


Again, each token matches up to the title of the photo which will be titled in sequence (photo 2, photo 3, photo 4).

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