How to Convert a Customer to a Prospect

Converting a customer into a prospect is easy.

What would you want to do this? 

The reason this could be helpful is if you converted them to a customer and scheduled a job but then they decided to cancel for whatever reason. You can turn them back to a prospect and continue following up with them as a prospect.

So go to the customer profile screen and click on the "Make 'em A Prospect" button at the top. After clicking on the button, a pop-up message will appear: (If this customer has any invoices created they will be deleted when customer is turned back into a prospect.) Click "OK" to proceed with the changes.

Just a quick note, the "Make 'em A Prospect" button can only be seen at top of customer profile if there are no paid invoices for the customer. If a customer paid an invoice then obviously they are a legitimate customer who paid you for a job completed, so there's no reason to display the "Make 'em a Prospect" button in that case. In the screenshot below you'll see no "Make 'em a Prospect" button. This customer paid an invoice.

And there you have it! 'til next time.

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