App: How to Create Deposits

Applying deposits in the APP can be done directly on the estimate or invoice screen itself. Normally, you would apply a deposit though when you first create the estimate or invoice prior to emailing, so assuming we're going to create an estimate and put a deposit on it, you can click the "Schedule" button that is on the Dashboard, click "Estimate", and then click residential or commercial. Fill in the info on the next page like name, address, etc. Then click the blue "Next" button. You can leave the date as it is or change it. Then add your sites and when you're done click the "Estimate" button at the bottom right. you're on the estimate screen. You will see the "Deposit" link at the top of the screen.

After clicking the deposit link, a new window will open up where you can insert a $ amount or deposit %:

  So below we inserted $500 and clicked "Save":

After saving, the deposit will automatically appear on our estimate as shown below:

So now you can email the prospect or customer and they will see the amount of the deposit that is due. And again, this is how it's done for invoices also.

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