How to Upload a Pdf (or other doc) to a Page in the Big Proposal

You can upload pdf files to the Big Proposal in The Customer Factor by going to the Big Proposal page and scrolling down to access the different pages. Open up let's say the insurance page to upload an insurance pdf. You can find the Upload button below the text box as shown In the screenshot below. Simply click on it and that takes you to your computer where you can navigate to wherever your insurance pdf is and upload.

If you want to upload a pdf to a new page in your Big Proposal, click on any of the Additional Pages to open the page, and rename it by checking the "Insert a page title" checkbox inserting your new page title.

Then click the upload button that is below the page and similar to above, navigate on your computer to whatever pdf you want to upload:

And that's how easy it is to upload pdf docs to any page in the Big Proposal!

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