Sending Contracts to Customers for them to Sign

You can send contracts, credit card authorizations, or anything else to a customer that you want them to sign. Just add the %signatureblock% token to your email. So you start by inserting your entire contract into a general customer email

At the bottom of the contract you can insert this token: %signatureblock%. 

You can also use the %initials% token if you want to capture initials under certain paragraphs.

Once the email is received by your customer, they can click on the signature block image/link at the bottom of the email.

This directs them to a webpage where the entire content of the email (ie: contract) displays The customer can now put their initials (assuming you inserted the %initials% token) in all spots on the webpage, print their name, sign, and click submit at top right.

You will receive an email right away letting you know that the customer has signed. The signed doc then turns into a pdf automatically and is stored in the customer's profile screen in the Uploads area.

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