How to Print Invoices

Printing invoices is easy within The Customer Factor.

One way to do it is right from the daily calendar. So click "Daily" under the "Calendars" tab at the top and that’s your daily calendar screen.

If you have jobs that day, you’ll see a check all box at the top right of the screen, you can simply click check all and then click the "Print Invoices" button at the bottom. All jobs that day will get invoices printed for them.

The above assumes you're in the "list" view on the daily calendar but maybe you prefer the display or employee/crew display view. There is a "Print Invoice" button at bottom of those 2 different views. Click that button, check the invoices you want to print within the window that opens, and click "print". 

Note: When clicking the "print invoices" button on any of the daily calendar views, that actually creates the invoices also. So there is no need to create them first and then print them. next, another way to print invoices is from within the customer profile screen. So if it's a current job you can go into the customer's profile, click on "Schedule Jobs & Create Invoices" link in Jump to area at the top right.

If you scroll down just a little bit, you'll see the customer’s current job (assuming they have a current job). You can check the checkbox at far right and click the create invoice button.

That will take you to the invoice screen where you can then print, email, save as pdf, etc.

Another way to print invoices is from the invoice search results screen. So from the invoice search screen, you can search for your invoice number(s), unpaid invoices, invoices by customer name, etc. This leads you to the invoice search results screen:

Click "check all" at the top right or select the invoices you want to print and click the "Print Invoices" button at the bottom. And that's it!


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