Creating Customer and Prospect "Types"

Customer "Type" is a versatile and a useful function in The Customer Factor that can be utilized in various ways to enhance your customer/prospect management. Some users utilize it to specify the general location of their customers, such as "Northeast" or "Southwest." Others use this function to label prospects based on their profession, such as "Realtors" or "Property Managers." With the ability to use this feature, you gain the advantage of searching and communicating with specific customer types effortlessly.

  1. Leveraging Customer Type for Search and Communication:
  • The ability to search by "Customer Type" on the Customer Search screen becomes extremely useful. Suppose you have a large number of prospects labeled as "Realtor" and you wish to send a broadcast email to all of them. No problem! Just visit the Customer Search screen, choose the "Customer Type" option from the right column, and hit the "Search" button. The page will then display a single screen with the search results of all your realtor customers, making it easy to select them all for bulk email, text messages, letter printing, and more.

  1. Adding a New Customer Type:
  • To add a new customer type, locate the customer's profile and navigate to the section marked "Name/ID Number." Here, you'll find a "[+]" icon beside the "Type" field. By clicking on the "[+]" icon, a small window will appear, allowing you to enter the new customer type.

  1. Editing and Deleting Customer Types:
  • Managing your customer type list is a breeze. If you have multiple customer types and wish to edit or delete a few of them, it can be easily accomplished. Simply click on the respective icons next to the customer type field to proceed.

  • To edit, click the pencil icon and select the customer type from the dropdown list. You can then modify the text in the provided field before clicking "Update" to save the changes.

  • To delete customer types, click on the trashcan icon. A selection of customer types will be displayed, and you can simply choose the one you wish to delete, then confirm the action by clicking "Delete" button as shown below.

By making use of these advanced features, you can optimize your customer management and communication strategies, enhancing the overall efficiency of your business processes.

As you delve deeper into the capabilities of customer types, you'll find endless possibilities to streamline your workflow and tailor your interactions with various customer segments.

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