How to Reconnect Your Gmail Sync

Have you ever encountered the below error message while sending an invoice, estimate or any other communication to your customers through The Customer Factor? If so, don't worry, it's a simple issue that can be easily fixed.

Basically, this message indicates that your Gmail account sync has been disconnected from your CF account, usually due to changes made to your email settings, such as updating your email password, personal info, etc.,etc.

So to reconnect your Gmail account as your main communication address with your customers through The Customer Factor, we recommend following these simple steps to reconnect your email sync:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Custom Email Setup" page by visiting this link:

Step 2: Click the "Reconnect" radio button as shown below to initiate the process of reconnecting your Gmail account.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a screen where you need to sign in with Google or simply select your email account from the available options from the screen to log back into your Gmail account.

Step 4: Once you sign in to your chosen Gmail account, click "Allow" as shown above to grant the necessary permissions for The Customer Factor to synchronize with your email and that's it!

Your email sync with The Customer Factor will now be reestablished, and you can continue sending invoices, estimates, and other communications seamlessly.

Please keep in mind that if you make any changes to your email settings in the future, such as updating your email password, it may cause your email sync to disconnect again. If this happens, simply follow the same steps to reconnect your email.

Thank you for using The Customer Factor, and we hope this guide helps you easily resolve any email sync issues.

Take care and have a wonderful day ahead!

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