How to Redirect Twilio SMS Replies to Your Phone or Email

When customers or prospects respond to a text message you've sent via Twilio, the replies are, by default, directed to Twilio. However, you can set up a script to forward these replies directly to your phone(s) or email address(es).

Follow these steps:

Login to Twilio Console:

  • Navigate to the Twilio console and on the left navigation panel, click on "Explore Products" and then select "# Phone Numbers" under "Super Network".

  • Proceed to click on your specific Twilio phone number.

Configure Messaging:

  • Under the "Messaging" section, ensure that "Webhook" is selected from the dropdown. Delete the default demo URL present in the field on the right.

Choose Your Script:

  • Decide where you want the replies to go: a single phone number, a single email address, or multiple phone numbers or email addresses. Copy the appropriate script from below:

    • One phone number:
    • One email address:
    • One phone number and one email address:
    • Multiple phones/email addresses (comma required for separation):,xxx&email=xxx,xxx

Paste the Script:

  • On the same screen, go to both "A Message Comes In" and "Primary Handler Fails" sections. Paste the script you copied into these fields.

Customize the Script:

  • If your script directs replies to a phone number, replace "xxx" with the actual phone number, starting with "1" followed by the number with no spaces or dashes. For email replies, replace "xxx" with the desired email address.

Save Changes:

  • Click "Save" to apply the changes.

That's it! Now, Twilio SMS replies will be forwarded directly to your specified phone number(s) or email address(es).

If you wish to update the phone number(s) or email address(es) where the Twilio SMS replies are redirected, simply follow the same steps outlined above. After making any changes to the script, pls ensure to click "Save" to apply the updates.

Have a great day!

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