How to Enable and Customize Tip Options on Invoices

Adding tip options to your invoices in The Customer Factor is a great way to provide flexibility for your customers and potentially increase your earnings. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to enable and customize tip options:

Access the Customization Page

Go to the Invoice Format screen by visting this URL. You'll find this function under the "Text To Display" section.

Locate Tip Options

On the "Text To Display" screen, look for the section related to tip options. It should be prominently displayed as shown below, allowing you to easily modify settings.

Choose Between Percentage and Dollar Tip Options

You have the choice to enable either a percentage-based tip or a dollar-based tip. Consider the following advice when making your selection:

  • Percentage Tip: This option is recommended for those routinely dealing with jobs of $300 and above. It's observed that customers tend to give more in tips when presented with a percentage option.
  • Dollar Tip: If you prefer a fixed amount for tips, you can opt for the dollar-based tip. Keep in mind that this might result in smaller tip amounts compared to a percentage-based option.

Save Your Changes

After making your selection, don't forget to save your changes by clicking the "Update" button on the top right. This ensures that your tip preferences are applied to all future invoices.

Consider Customer Behavior

Keep in mind that customer behavior may vary. Some may prefer percentage tips, while others may opt for a fixed dollar amount. Analyzing your customer based on their preferences can help you make an informed decision.

That's it! So by providing tip options, you're enhancing the payment experience for your customers and potentially increasing your overall earnings. Happy invoicing! 😊

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