Create & Manage Users/Subusers

To create users and set up their user rights here at The Customer Factor you start off by visiting the Manage users screen or hovering over the "My Account" tab at top left and clicking the "Manage users" dropdown as shown below:

On this screen, insert the user's info such as first name, last name, email address (use yours if you don't know theirs), and password info.

To the right of the password field is a "Display" checkbox that you can check so that you can see what you're typing into the password fields.

Most of the defaults can be used as they are but pls make a note of a few specific user rights:

1. Do you want subuser to see all jobs or just jobs that he or she is assigned to?

2. Do you want subuser to view pricing?

3. Do you want subuser to be able to edit jobs?

4. Do you want subuser to be able to reschedule/delete jobs? 

All 4 of these user rights are in the left column.

Subuser viewing All jobs/estimates:

Subuser viewing Jobs/Estimates he or she is assigned to:

Pricing Options:

Edit Jobs:

Reschedule/Delete jobs:

There are lots of other user rights that you can review but the above are probably the ones that users care about the most. 

Please note that if the subuser you're creating needs the ability to create invoices in the field and mark 'em as paid, then you'll want to check "Create Invoice", "View Invoice", and "Payment Window" in the right column of user rights under "Invoices".

When you're done with selecting the various user rights then click the "Create User" button at the bottom of the screen:

create user buton

You can then provide the login info to that user and the user will be able to log into either the software or the app with that user/password information and access/see only what you've allowed them to access/see.

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