Setting your Appt. Time Defaults

In The Customer Factor, you can set the appointment time default so that it displays as a "Range" if that's your preference. You can also select other defaults for appointment times.

We'll start by pointing this default option out to you:

The above is a scheduling area on an add customer screen but in all scheduling areas in  The Customer Factor, you'll see this "Options" link next to the "Time" column. The default time display will always be a single time dropdown and the default start time is 12:00 am but chances are you'll want to change all of this. 

Here is the "Options" window:

So you can select single time/time range as the default, 5/15/30 minutes as the default, a default start time, whether you want "am" or "pm" to display in the appt time dropdowns, and what your default ending time should be. 

So let's say we want time range as the default, 30 minutes for our incremental time display, our start time to be 8:00 am, and no am/pm should display in the appt time dropdown. 

Here is what this will look like going forward as we schedule jobs and create estimates and insert appt time information:


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