Balance Forward/Total Owed on Invoices

You are able to display balance forward/total owed info on all (or some) printed invoices printed from within The Customer Factor.

This option is located on the Invoice format screen (click "Format" under the "Invoices" tab) here:

Scroll down further.

Printing balance forward/total owed info is helpful if you have customers who routinely run balances with you. Here's an example of how it will look on the printed invoice:

If there is no balance forward info for a particular customer, then obviously "balance forward" info will show "0" and the "Customer Total" dollars will be the same as the "Invoice Total" dollars.


Based on the feedback we received, you may not want to show balance forward information on invoices for every customer. So we incorporated an option in each customer profile screen where you can specifically prevent balance forward info from showing on their invoices. It's located here:

If you have  not chosen the "Balance Forward/Total Owed" option on the invoice format screen, then you won't see the "display" option above. So the above display option will only display if you've chosen "Balance Forward/Total Owed" on the invoice screen. And it will be checked by default since more than likely you will want this information to display on all customer invoices.

However, as mentioned earlier, if you don't want to print invoices for a customer with balance forward/total info on it, pls uncheck the option for that customer, click the "update" button and you're all set.

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