Reorder Calendar Sidebars

You are able to reorder your left sidebars on the calendar screens in The Customer Factor. This can be beneficial if you use one section more than another and need it more accessible in a better location in the sidebar. 

Let's start with two screenshots showing you a monthly calendar left sidebar:

Please note the various sections in the left sidebar. 

So you may not want the Invoice section at the top since you know that any pink background appointments on the calendar mean that they have invoices created for those jobs and they're unpaid. So you want to move this section more towards the bottom.

And maybe you don't care about "By Appointment Type" which is the section where you can do residential calendar views, commercial calendar views, prospect views, etc.

So to move things around, all you do is pick up the subheading and drag it to where you want it to be. For example, pls take a look at this:

So I picked up the "Appointment Display" area and moved it above the "Invoice Status" section and we end up with this:

Final notes:

Each calendar operates independently of each other. So, for example, you can have one sidebar display on the daily calendar and another on the monthly calendar.

And it's best to close the areas (click on the subheading of any section to open and/or close) prior to moving 'em around. 

So if an area (ie: by assignment) is open currently on your calendar screen, click on that heading to close it and then move/drag and drop it and then click on the heading again to reopen it if you want it open.


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