Insert Details for Each Job Being Scheduled

We have a great way to insert more details to enhance the job type/item that is listed. We call 'em "job details".

As always, let's start with a screenshot:

This is the scheduling area in a customer profile screen, but all job scheduling areas and estimate scheduling areas in The Customer Factor have this same functionality.

Please note the "+ Details" links to the right of each job type dropdown. For our example we'll assume that we need to add specific details for each of the 3 jobs that we're scheduling, so we'll click on the "+ Details" link to the right of each job and insert some details into the text fields that open up like this:

These job details are tied to each job and will display this way on all screens and on printed pages. For example, when you print an invoice for this customer with these 3 jobs on it including the job details, this will be how it displays in the description area:

Important: If you want to always have job details tied to a specific item or job type so that you don't have to manually insert job details each time you schedule then you can make it a job "package". Click here to review an article on adding and editing job types/packages. See ya!

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