Scheduling Jobs With a "Duration"

You can schedule jobs for customers in The Customer Factor with a specific duration. Any scheduling area within your account will have this functionality available. Here's a screenshot of a scheduling section in a customer profile screen:

You've always had the ability to insert a time "range", but the duration feature is different. Actually, to clarify, some users do use the time range feature to signify the duration of the job, but many users use the time range feature as more of an approximate time estimate when they'll show up for the appointment. So in that case, this duration feature can be used to signify the actual job duration.

The duration to be inserted can be hours and minutes or you can put in 2.5 into the "hours" field and not put anything into the minutes' field.

This duration information will carry over into many other screens. For example, you'll see it on the daily calendar, within the mouseover windows that appear when mousing over appointment names on the calendar screens, in the callback windows, and in the currently scheduled jobs/job history areas.

If you're scheduling a job or multiple jobs over multiple dates/date range, the duration will be the number of hours and/or minutes the job(s) will take over all days. So if you schedule a job over a 3-day date range for example and you think the job will take 20 hours, then insert "20" into the "hours" duration field as shown:

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