Edit and Reset Invoice Numbers

In The Customer Factor, you can now edit and reset your invoice numbers. The reset option is on the invoice format screen, so please mouse over the "Invoices" nav tab and click on the "Format" dropdown. Here's where the option is located:

This is primarily for new users who want to start at a different invoice number (the starting number defaults to number 450), but there have also been requests from existing users who would like the ability to reset their invoice numbers to a higher number.

You'll notice that there is some text next to the reset field that says something like this: (must be higher than #958). This means that the last invoice number created within your account was number 958, so the next number to be created has to at least be higher than 958. There can't be two invoice numbers that are the same within your account.

So if you reset the invoice number in the above example to 1000, then from that point forward, the invoice numbers will go up in a sequence (1000, 1001, 1002, etc. etc.) beginning with invoice 1000.

For the  edit invoice number feature, you can do this from any view/edit invoice screen. Simply click the invoice number link as shown:

When you click the invoice number link a window will popup:

Similar to the invoice reset feature, you can't edit an invoice number to some number that's already in use, so we mention this in the above window as a reminder. I did want to point out however that you can edit an invoice number to an invoice number that may have been previously deleted. So if you previously deleted invoice 648 for example, you can insert the number 648 into the field box in the edit invoice number window and save it no problem.

We provide guidance on what you should edit the invoice number to because if we didn't do this, a user could be inserting number after number after number after number and always getting the message that it won't save it because the number is already in use as you can see here:

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