Reports- Profit and Loss Reports

You can access the "Reports" from the homepage by hovering your mouse on "Search" and clicking the dropdown, click "Reports".


Next, click on the "Profit and Loss" button. On the date range, you can customize the dates you want to generate the report with.

Profit and Loss

In the image, we choose the period for "Last Month".  Then we hit "Search".


It will then generate the last months Profit and Loss summary. For the first page, we can see the "Income" page.

P and L1


Then, you will find the details as shown below.




At the very bottom of the page, you will find the "Export", "Print Summary", "Print Details" and "Print Summary and Detail". If you wish to export the file, it will be downloaded as an excel file showing all the information you can find in this page. If you wish to print the file, you have option to print only the Summary, Details, or both.


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